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  Window Frames / Borrowed Lites  
  Separate Borrowed Lites can also be created out of our glazing material.

  These may also be linked together to produce complete window wall assemblies with total freedom of design.

  Transom lites, clerestories, horizontal muntins and vertical mullions can all be incorporated to create the desired result.

  This image shows a Borrowed Lite with vertical mullions and horizontal muntins.

 With total freedom of design, your only limits are your creativity.



Western Integrated Materials, Inc.

  Many of our 300 Series have compatible glazing components. Simply by combining these components you can produce unlimited elevations to enhance any interior design.

    As with all of our frames, these are available in the standard anodized finishes and custom baked enamel colors to complement wall coverings, carpet or any other facet of office decor.

Stocked Standard Glazing Sizes:

3-3/8" * 3-1/2" 3-3/4" * 4-5/8" 4-7/8" 5-0/0" 5-1/4" * 5-1/2" * 7-1/4"

 * Clear Anodized Only

1/4" Glass allows vinyl on both sides.
3/8" Glass allows 3/8"  wedge vinyl on one side only.
1/2" Glass requires silicon wet glaze only.

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