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  Product Profile  

  Western Integrated Materials, Inc. Series 300 door frames are offered in one of the most complete range of wall thickness available in the industry today. All frames are compatible with each other from 2-1/2" through 7-1/4".

  When special wall conditions are involved, the Series 400 can be used to give complete flexibility for any wall thickness from 3" to 9-1/2".

  Our Series 300 and 400 door frames from 3" wall thickness and up, can be labeled with a 20 minute Negative or Positive rated fire label and can be used where walls are required to be one hour construction.

  Our series 700 door frames can be used for any wall thickness from 3-3/4" to 8-3/8" and is designed to provide for a 90 minute Negative or Positive fire rating.

  Any finish can be furnished from Clear Satin Anodized to the complete range of Bronze, Black, or Gold anodize.

  Baked on enamel finishes are also available in standard white, and standard black as well as any matched custom color.

  All frames are factory mortised for hinges and strike plates leaving no chance for field error or extra field labor.

  Frames are shipped KD complete with all backup plates securely staked in place and includes vinyl or mohair mute as necessary. Thread in vinyl is factory installed  to save field labor. Frames are individually packaged and identified with opening numbers.

  The frame is fastened along the outside edge with fasteners which are then covered with snap on trim. The installation alleviates the problem of securing the frames thru the face which, on occasion, allows the frame to twist on the wall.

  We have also added medium and wide stile doors and sliders to our product line.

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