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  Going Green  
Western Integrated aluminum door frames are 100% recyclable! While some manufactures claim to have a full aluminum frame, a quick check of their products will reveal that their frames actually include bits of plastic for adapters and steel backing plates. Western Integrated keeps the promise of offering a frame that can go directly to the recycler.

  Western Integrated products are made from aluminum billets that is composed of at least 75% recycled aluminum, with the remaining being prime aluminum. At the end of their life cycle, they are fully recoverable and fully recyclable, making it LEED compliant as well. It contains, at the minimum: 50% Pre-Consumer Material & 25% Post-Consumer Waste.

  The value of aluminum as a recyclable alone keeps it diverted from the waste stream. Recycling aluminum takes only 1/20th of the energy required to produce it, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And like few other materials in the recycling chain, aluminum can be recycled over and over again.

  Western Integrated Materials recycles 100% of all aluminum scrap material being used in our Long Beach, California facility. We are committed to using and recycling as much materials as possible in all aspects of our manufacturing needs, from the kraft paper and corrugated boxes we use for packaging, right down to the wooden pallets we use to ship our frames with.

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